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  • What is REFDIR?

    National and local unbiased business review and referral site that offers discounts and deals to the public for FREE. We magnify the power of “Word of Mouth” with our one-of-a-kind Social Referral Counter.
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  • How Does REFDIR Work?

    Businesses are listed in categories and ranked based on the number of positive votes on their Social Referral Counter. Customers build their own personal “My Favoites” list of businesses and deals with each referral vote!
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  • REFDIR Benefits Both...

    Consumers finally have a single source to find the best businesses and best deals, at no cost to them!

    Businesses get all their advertising needs for less than two dollars per day, with no contracts!

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To create an honest ranking system, each registered member has the opportunity to vote one time per business.
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Everyone wants to save money, especially in today’s economy. REFDIR Deals are available 24/7.
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Add your favorite businesses and their deals to your personal ‘My favorites” feature, for free.
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Get paid for referring a business and receive a monthly residual income as long as they are a paying business listing.
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Social Referrals Replace "Word of Mouth" by the Hundreds.

Everyone loves referrals,
Everyone knows referrals are the best form of advertising,
Everyone believes the best way to get a referral is by “Word of Mouth”
Each social referral vote will be seen by thousands,
whereas, a “Word of Mouth”, only benefits one person!
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Customer Relations Versus Advertising.

Customers are more willing to return to a business and refer them to others, if they know they’re appreciated for their patronage and rewarded for their referrals.
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Our Synergistic Network Will Magnify your Advertising!

The secret is to have a Synergistic Network that creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. has developed a system that rewards both the customers and the businesses for helping each other succeed!
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Customers Reviews/Feedback

  • Equality for all businesses.

    I love REFDIR because it gives me a presence on the internet where my current and potential customers can learn about my business, see any specials we are offering and view my actual website. REFDIR gives me an opportunity to compare what I offer against my competitors. Its an easy way to stand out from the rest! It doesn't matter that they are many times larger than I am; REFDIR evens the playing field!
    — Tim Filichia
    — Owner
    — Stardust Dance and Reception
  • Customer referrals.

    We have always tried to give our customers the very best service, and have enjoyed many repeat customers through the years. Now since we signed up with REFDIR we have the added benefit of letting our customers rate our service on REFDIR. Now when someone in our area is looking for a heating and air conditioning contractor that they can trust, they can see what our current customers say about us, that we are honest, dependable, and provide the best service and quality for their money. I love the way my customers can give me a social referral once that can bring me new business every month.
    — Chris Knight,
    — Owner
    — Pinetop Heating & Air Services Inc.
  • Listed at the top of our category.

    One thing I have never liked about the " Phone Book " or " The Yellow Pages " is that you can be the shadiest business ever and still be listed on the first page of your category simply by paying more than the other guy. We have been listed on the front page of our category since signed up on REFDIR. We are listed on the first page and at the top of our category because we are rated highly by our happy customers! I love what REFDIR has done, giving my small business the chance to compete with the big guys simply by treating my customers right, and asking them to share how they feel about our service. Why would anyone pick a company based on how much they chose to spend on a yellow page add? I never have.
    — Thomas Rainwater
    — Owner
    — Water Mart
  • Discounts and Coupons.

    We have never had it so easy offering specials and discounts to our customers and future customers as we have since we signed up with REFDIR.
    In the past we have tried the news paper, local school publications, yellow pages, restaurant menu adds, local radio, we even advertised on a fence above the bleachers at our local high school football field. Each of those took a lot of time and money, and we had to pay all over again if we wanted to change to a new discount or special offer. With REFDIR we have complete control of what we want to offer from week to week, all at one low price. We have never had such a great return on our advertising dollar.
    — Taylor Kottcamp
    — Owner
    — Arizona Superior Cleaning

Why I Created REFDIR!

Hello, my name is Craig Hyland. I have been married to my wife Lori for 30 years. We have 5 children and 3 grandchildren. I have built from the ground up three businesses without ever borrowing a dime from a bank or the government. I’ve been self-employed and a business owner for more than 27 years. My passion in life is helping people. It has been very upsetting to see my friends and neighbors losing their businesses and homes, and families splitting up because of money problems! I just felt that I needed to do something, so with a lot of prayer, things became very clear as to what could be done to help stop this devastating destruction of our world.
It’s now been two and a half years since I decided that something had to be done to help businesses stay in business, and for people to know which businesses they should trust to spend their hard earned money with. We all know the Government and the banks are not able to help the small to medium size businesses anymore! Business owners must unite and help themselves by helping each other. So, I created REFDIR, a Free National Business Referral Directory that has benefits for the businesses and the consumers in mind.

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Today's Special

Dear Business owners:

My name is Craig Hyland, I’m the creator and founder of REFDIR. As you can tell, I have a true desire to help both businesses and their consumers save time and money. I know REFDIR will help your business do both, by increasing your repeat and referral customers. I want to help your business be more successful than it already is. So, if you decide to be more than just another Free listing in another online directory, I have a special offer for you! Our very best, the Gold Deluxe Business Listing for only $37.50 per month, for the first four months and I’ll also waive the normal $90 set up fee. That’s a savings of $180 dollars. I’m not sure how long I’ll leave this offer available at this unbelievable price. However, for the next few days it will only cost you a total of $150 for your first four months. I know if you use those four months to invite your past, present, and future customers to your REFDIR business listing, you’ll be so happy you joined REFDIR’s network of the best businesses! Remember there are no contracts with REFDIR, so if for some reason you want to quit having a Gold deluxe business Listing just quit paying and that’s it!
To Your Success,
Craig Hyland

SPECIAL REFDIR DEALS!     Save $180 Today!

First Four Months of Gold Deluxe Business Listing.

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