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In a few seconds you will experience why REFDIR is so easy to use. Wouldn’t you agree that word of mouth marketing is the most powerful and effective form of advertising? How nice would it be to know what the public is truly saying about the products, value, and the service a business has. View details »

You’ll save money on every event on the Community Events Calendar not only in your community but in any other city you might happen to be visiting. You’ll also have access to post your own yard sale and free events on the Community Events Calendar. View details »

My Favorites, your personal directory. A unique and convenient feature you’ll definitely appreciate is every time you vote on a business, good or bad, that business listing with all of its features will be added to your My Favorites personal directory. View details »

First, the timing has to be perfect! A Referral can only be successful if the person is in the market for your products or services.Your most dedicated customer might refer your business to ten of their friends and if you’re lucky you might get two new customers. View details »

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  • First,choose a plan to suit your budget and strategy.Then, use the registration form to create your business listing page.
  • As you go through the registration process, give your prospects the information they need to select a supplier.
  • Describe your business, tell them where you are located, how you can be contacted. Build your web page which stands out!


  • Your business listing goes online.
  • You have the possibility to enter multilanguage content.
  • You get your account login and password so you can modify any time your business details, offers or events.


  • As soon as it goes online, your business listing page becomes visible to our users.
  • Your company gets visibility and ranking both on our website and on all national and international search engines.
  • You start getting leads and valuable traffic is driven to your website.
  • Your business listing page is also available on mobile phones.